TVDS will be at the ODPC Funfest  in Evart, MI from July 13-16, 2023. 

We will be playing on stage at Evart on Friday night right after the mountain dulcimer players.  

Time - 7 pm , please be in back of stage by 6:40 pm.   We will play for 18 minutes.

Song List

French Girls Waltz –G by Randy Marcheny of “No strings attached” - 3 x 

March of St Timothy - G written by Judi Morningstar who also published the Ruffwater fakebook 3 x 

Glory in the Meeting House – G written by Gerry Milnes 3 x   YouTube teaching video

St. Anne's Reel D - also call “Caadic Reel” 3 x 

Roscoe G – traditional tune transitioning into Magpie - G Each tune 2 x

 If there is time – the last set is: Cold Frosty Morning - Am - Traditional song which remembers the battle of Culloden Moor on April 16, 1746. English army fought with the Scottish ending in the Jacobite Rebellion in Scotland. TRANSITION right into : Schottiische du Stockfish - Am - written by Daniel Thonon 2 X for each tune.